Grown men are the biggest babies, i swear. blocking me on social media because I just so happen to talk to someone you dislike. grow up. the heck did I do.

Anonymous asked: What's your natural hair color

Strawberry blonde!
Can’t rate you but I’m sure you’re rad

paidnlaid asked: Are u excited for summer

Yes!! because all my friends are coming back and it’ll be warm so I can go outside and not have to layer clothing ever again which means no pants + smoothie season (´ ∀`♡)

10/10 you’re the coolest cat

Ask me stuff

And I’ll make you a smoothie or rate your blog or w/e

Anonymous asked: Wait so your mom isn't technically your bio mom?

Someone did some snoopin’ hah
this is a little tmi but long story short my mom was born able to carry but not produce eggs of her own so she had to go through all this treatment to prepare her body and then seek out an egg donor. I’m not 100% of the process so maybe they did take some of her genes and artificially put them in too but what I do know is that genetically I have my dads, because they used him to make the eggs fertile and then the genetics of the lady, which explains why I’m so pale and naturally a little blonde gal when both my parents have almost black hair


don’t allow waiting to become a habit

# :/.

Anonymous asked: Can I make you my wcw?

aw Ofcourse c: just tag me if you want me to see it